Why buy from us?

When choosing an LED light bulb or fixture to replace your current Incandescent, Halogen, Fluorescent or Sodium lights, it can be quite difficult and intimidating finding the correct and suitable replacement.

We here at LightHaus Lighting Supply Inc try to make this process as easy and comfortable for you the end user. We have selected and curated a few lights for each category for you to choose. We eliminated having many different brands and products in the same category, making it much less confusing and easier to pick the right product.

Product Cost!

There are hundreds of websites, stores, and different places to buy LED lighting. As professionals in the industry with decades of experience, we have chosen and picked some of the best products in the market to bring to our customers. We use only CANADIAN BRANDS and our prices are very competitive within the market. Rest assured that any product you buy from LightHausled.ca will be priced very competitively.

Customer Service!

Unlike a big box retailer where you either have to call a hotline or take your place in line, when returning or trying to speak with someone; we at LightHaus believe customer service should be the number one priority. If you need any help choosing or picking  the right product, feel free to call us or email us anytime and we would be very glad to assist you. On our website? Give us a call and we will help guide you to the perfect product for you needs.

Easy Returns and Replacement!

When buying an LED product, the whole goal is to not have to replace the LED light for many years to come. Unfortunately sometimes things happen and products can be defective. In this case we will replace your defective product with no questions or hassles. Once we determine the product was indeed defective, we will send you a replacement free of charge. There is no need to send letters, or lengthy explanations.

Piece of Mind!

We want all customers of LightHuasled.ca to be happy and satisfied with their purchase. All of our products are certified for use in Canada and also come with full warranties. Rest assure that when buying any products from us, you will will receive a high quality, well built product that will last you several years to come.